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Secret voice activated recorders

Be smart, know first


Do you know what is going on in your office /home while you are away?

Do you want proof of what is being said and agreed?

Do you want to know what is going on in the car .


 Secret Voice Recorder,  Covert Voice Recorder Voice activated

Do you want to covertly record conversations and secretly record voice activated for long hours?

Do you want to record your meeting conversations discreetly?

Do you want to have evidence of what has been said clearly for legal use?

We manufacture a range of secret digital voice recorders which you can leave in the target area such as room, car or office and record conversations voice activated. Some of our voice recorders work with batteries and others via mains supply that ensures long hours of secret and reliable availability without any suspicion.

Our range of digital voice recorders are manufactured to very demanding standards and are easy to use, can be voice activated and if required data can be down loaded to your computer for later use.

We offer high quality battery or mains operated secret voice recorders at unbeatable prices and also offer a comprehensive after sales service.

Secret Voice Recorder/Voice Activated
PLUG VOICE RECORDER VR-4A Plug voice recorder/Voice Activated
This amazing and fully working 13 Amp mains plug adaptor has micro voice recorder and is voice activated.
Record your room/office conversations up to 160 hours.File can be downloaded to your computer via USB for future use. This recorder has auto start system which commences to record immediately it is plugged in to mains socket.
Price: £195.00                                                                       PLUG VOICE RECORDER 

EXTENSION VOICE RECORDER VR-8A Extension Lead Voice Recoder. Voice Activated
This fully working electrical extension lead has a built-in micro voice recorder and is voice activated. Extension lead has auto switch mechanism to start recording when plugged into mains supply. Can record up to 160 hours and is voice activated. It is plug & play and you can down load all data to your computer.
Price : £195.00                                                                          EXTENSION VOICE RECORDER

MICRO VOICE RECORDER MV-4 Micro Secret Voice Recorder
The micro voice recorder is the smallest discreet voice recorder available and can be used as a body worn recorder or in any other covert operation. The MV-4 Recorder has a battery life of up to 25 hours and is rechargeable. This secret voice recorder can be attached to underneath a coat, jacket, or just in your shirt pocket when you want to use it as a personal recorder.
Price : 180.00                                                                         MICRO VOICE RECORDER

CALCULATOR VOICE RECORDER VR-2A Calculator Voice Recorder/Voice Activated
This is fully working calculator which can record the voice digitally on 4GB flash memory. It is voice activated and offer 100 hours of continuous recording. Play back via USB port of your computer. Battery recharges via computers USB port or via mains charger (optional). Calculator is voice activated so on playback you only hear recorded.
Price:£185.00                                                                             CALCULATOR VOICE RECORDER

CAR BUG VOICE RECORDER VR-9 Car Bug Voice Recorder/160 hrs Voice Activated
This compact micro voice recorder has a built in magnet which sticks to the metals easily. It Records up to 160 hours conversations in the flash 4GB of memory.
VR-9 is high quality digital voice recorder with voice activated facility.
You can play back recorded conversations later via your computer. VR-9 consists of a heavy duty rechargeable battery which offer 7 days operation.
Price:£180.00                                                                          CAR BUG VOICE RECORDER

key fob voice recorder Car Key Fob Voice Recorder/Voice Activated
Inside this ordinary looking Car key fobis a voice activated recorder with 160 hours of crystal clear voice recorder capacity. You can switched ON the device via a simple micro switch and record 25 hours. Comes with special USB lead enabling listening via your PC or lap top.This master security voice recorder is ideal for home or office when you need proof of what has been said.
Price:£120.00                                                                        key fob voice recorder

MV-4X VOICE RECORDER Secret 7 days Voice Recorder with Magnet/Voice Activated
MV-4X: This voice activated recorder offers amazing high quality digital recordings. It isfully magnetic for easy deployment. Picks up voices up to 30 feet away and recording time is 160 Hours. It comes with rechargeable battery. It is Ideal for home, office or car and easy to hide.
Price:260.00                                                                             MV-4X VOICE RECORDER

PEN VOICE RECORDER VR-3 Pen Voice Recorder
Only single discreet push to turn on/off
This is fully working pen which has 8GB memory to record high quality sound. You can record meetings clearly for up to 6 hours. You can play back on your PC and save it if you feel you need evidence for later use.
Price: £99.00                                                                              PEN VOICE RECORDER

USB CHARGER VOICE RECORDER Mobile Phone Mains Charger Voice Recorder. /Voice Activated
UM-7 is digital voice recorder in a fully working mobile phone mains charger (iPhone and Samsung).
Simply plug the mobile phone charger into the electric socket, and record up to 160 hours within 10 feet.Record voice activated.
These mobile phone charger voice recorders are plug & plays and as soon as it is connected to the USB port of your computer it will play back the recorded voices.
Price: £195.00                                                                            USB CHARGER VOICE RECORDER

WALL MICROPHONE MW-303A Wall Micreophone
Do you want to hear what is being said in the next room?
MW-303A is designed as professional microphone which changes the vibration sound of a wall to voice.
By holding wall sensor against a solid wall you can hear clearly what is going on in the next room.
If you want to record just content the out put of voice amplifier to an ordinary voice recorder.
Price:£150.00                                                                            WALL MICROPHONE

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