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Digital Spy Shop has manufactured spy equipment for many years.
State of the art spy devices such as micro voice recorders, spy listening devices, micro video recorders, listening devices, bug detectors, tracking devices and many more.

Visit our showroom where we can demonstrate how to use the technology before you purchase.

Seeing is believing and by testing our products you will be amazed how small and easy to use devices such as micro secret voice recorders or Remote view cameras works and will solve your security problem.

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Visit our London Spy shop showroom or buy online with confidence

Visit our London showroom

Our Nearest Tube station is Queens Park underground station in Bakerloo line.
Our Showroom is 1 minute walk from the station.




MV-4   Car Bug   USB charger voice recorder
MV-4 is small enough to be hidden in any area without notice. Strong and powerful to record whisper 20 feet away. Easy to play back with your computer.
VR-9 has strong magnet for sticking anywhere under the car seat.VR-9 record voices clearly for playing back with your computer. Record for 7 days in voice activated mode.
Mobile phone charger is everywhere. UV-7 is fully working mobile phone or iPod charger with 2700mA twin output. It is ideal for home or office use. We modified this mobile charger to very strong voice recorder voice activated. Record up to 160 hours and play back with your computer.
£180.00  Free Delivery
£180.00 Free Delivery
  £220.00 Free Delivery


New Remote View Camera

WI-FI DAB radio   WI-FI Alarm clock   WI-FI PIR
Fully working DAB radio has powerful micro camera remote view which you can see/hear and command for recording with your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.
DAB radio is mains operated and can be placed in room, office or any area you have suspicios.

This is table alarm clock works with mains. Small and wide angle lens has been built inside the clock for monitoring suspicious area and you can see/hear remotely with your mobile phone or command for recording.
PIR is a small alarm sensor fixed in the corner of the wall at home or office.
Inside this dummy PIR is very powerful night vision camera which you can see/hear remotely from ant where in the world via your mobile phone.

You could command remotely via your mobile phone to record activities for later view. Remote view camera in PIR works with mains.

£220.00  Free Delivery
£199.00  Free Delivery
£189.00  Free Delivery

Order Line : 02 07286 9268
     For advice or purchases please do not hesitate to buy online or even pop down to our London spy shop showroom for a demonstration.

Visit our London showroom

Our Nearest Tube station is Queens Park underground station in Bakerloo line.
Our Showroom is 1 minute walk from the station.

Our London Spy Shop is open from 10.00am to 6-00pm

+44(0)20 7286 9268
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